Election Day Is NOVEMBER 8TH
QUICK LINKS: Click here for a printable PDF "Pam's Picks" marked sample ballot for the November 8th General elections (2 page PDF file)You can print it out and take it with you into your polling place. You can also consult your cellphone to access this ballot. You ARE allowed to use your cell phone or other electronic device inside the voting enclosure as long as you are not using that device to photograph a ballot or to communicate with anyone via voice communication, text, email, or any other method. My marked sample ballot is below.
Click here for a list version of my endorsements.

WARNING: North Carolina no longer allows "Straight ticket" voting. You will have to vote each race separately, and it is very important to vote downballot. The ballot is two pages. Don't forget the second page: there are some important judicial races up for grabs.

Click here to read "My Take on This Year's Election."

NOVEMBER 8TH BALLOT (how I will cast my ballot):